“GrotesQ” WordPress theme

GrotesQ project by kodx.me

The “Grotesq” responsive WordPress theme provides pre-built features that effortlessly accommodate a variety of design preferences, making it a user-friendly choice for achieving your desired website aesthetics.

It is a modern WordPress theme built on a lightweight, advanced framework. Enjoy the flexibility of dual color modes with a one-click switcher.
Choose from two distinct header styles and effortlessly integrate your social media presence.
Explore three versatile front page templates, tailor your post display, and utilize three widgetized footer sections.
Opt for a sidebar-less page layout for a clean aesthetic.
With seamless Woocommerce integration and mobile responsiveness, this theme empowers your online presence.

  • Lightweight modern advanced framework
  • Dual color mode switcher
  • Three version site headers with switcher
  • Built in 10 social media options
  • Three front page templates
  • Front page, number of posts selector
  • Three widgetised footer areas
  • Sidebar-less page option
  • Child-Theme included
  • Logo and header image options
  • Woocommerce design and integration
  • Mobile responsive design

Designed in: Figma

Edited in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Ai: Firefly

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