“Royal” – World of Warcraft

Case Study: WordPress Theme “Royal” for World of Warcraft


“Royal” is a WordPress theme tailored for World of Warcraft (WoW) websites, offering immersive visuals and powerful features.


Existing solutions didn’t provide content ownership to users because they weredeployed on centralized noon-transferable systems, leaving guilds and bloggers without engaging platforms as soon as they stopped subscriptions.

Solution: “Royal” empowers users to effortlessly launch their own websites, capturing the grandeur of Azeroth through rich colors, intricate typography, and customizable elements. Unlike subscription-based services, “Royal” ensures users have complete ownership of their content.

Key Features:

  • WoW-inspired design elements and navigation interface.
  • Fully responsive layout for optimal viewing on all devices.
  • Seamless integration with BBpress Forums and WooCommerce for community engagement and merchandise sales.
  • Multiple front page templates for customizable landing pages.
  • Lightweight with a 95-point Google PageSpeed ranking.


  • Enhanced online presence for guilds and communities.
  • Improved content presentation for content creators.
  • Increased visitor engagement and community building.
  • Allowed permanent ownership of the content.
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